The production priorities in the light of the Quran and traditions PDF Print E-mail

Dr. Ali Muhammad Jalili
Sumayyah Yosufi
Islam has always been keen to observe the Muslims’ dignity and ascendance in all spheres of life including the economy. Production is the key to meet such a principal objective. Thus, Islam has paid serious attention to production and has vigorously invited its followers to get engaged in numerous productive enterprises such as agricultural, livestock, industrial and commercial activities. As such, Islam has invited the Muslims to develop their agricultural, industrial and livestock activities through commercialization of their goods. In order to attain a sustainable growth in production and guarantee the Muslims’ economic self-sufficiecy and needlessness to the goods produced by disbelievers, the Muslims are required to find perfect solutions and methods like setting priorities in production. Hence, the current paper, making use of the Quranic verses and the infallible Imams’ precious traditions, has tried to introduce the production priorities. By application of production priorities the Muslims’ economic growth and independence will be definitely reassured. The paper’s main objective is to appreciate the producers to abide by the production priorities.

Keywords: the Quran, Traditions, Work, Production, Production Priorities.