A Historical exegesis of Quran PDF Print E-mail

Dr. Muhammad Ali Rezaei Isfahani
Abul Hasan Momen Nejad
The Quran is the book of guidance that brings about every one’s prosperity. To meet this important objective, various branches of knowledge (Sciences) are employed as means of discovering the divine attention. History is one of those sciences and means that has been applied in the Quran in various forms including the historical account of the prophets and the previous nations, the old traditions of ignorant time, the biography the prophet of Islam and the events which took place in the Muslim community. The paper has tried to deal with different opinions raised on the relationship between the Quran and history. Moreover, the writer highlights the historical account of the Quran referring to the historical school of thought on the Quran. As such, he calls attention to the important general and particular foundations of the topic including the methodology of historical interpretation of the Quran in traditional intertextual and the Shahid Sadr’s intra-textual, interdisciplinary and comparative methods. Finally, he sheds light on to the most important topics such as the typology of the historical verses of the Quran, the validity conditions of historical sources that are to be used in interpretation of the Quran, the divine customs and laws and the movement of the history.

Keywords: the Quran, the Historical Exegesis, Foundations, Methodology.