The cosmic model of the universe in the Quran پی ڈی ایف چھاپیے ای میل
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Dr. Sayyed Isa Mustarhami
To depict the overwhelming and unique power of Allah, the glorious Quran refers to the creation and some characteristics of the physical world. This heavenly book explicitly refers to part of creation in the 30th verse of al-Anbiya Chapter where the heavens and earth were interwoven and God has unravelled them, and according to the 47th verse of al-Zariyat chapter the heavens and earth are still expanding. The Quran in the 67th verse of Chapter al-Zumar says: yet the entire earth will be in His fist on the Day of Resurrection, and the heavens, scrolled, in His right hand. The cosmologists while making use of the experimental means and methods have presented different models for the physical world. Based on some cosmological models -like that of Steady State Universe- the world enjoys a stationary form and has never faced changes. Contrary to that, the big bang model of the universe which is also called a standard model of cosmology, claims that the physical world has begun from a violent explosion of an infinitely tiny and infinitely dense point, from where it has been expanding ever since. Part of the physical and cosmological findings and evidence approve of the continuous expansion whereas some other evidence demonstrate contraction and a reversing process. The new findings of cosmological science can better interpret the related topics of the Quran and thus justifies the marvel and even the scientific miracle of these verses.

Keywords: the Quran, Cosmological Model, Big Bang Theory, Expansion of the Universe, Contraction of the Universe.