The wonders of Ant creation in the light of the Quran, Nahjulbalagha and the science PDF Print E-mail

Dr. Sayyed Ali Akbar Rabi Nitaj
Sayyedeh Fatemeh Salimi
Sayyedeh Laila Mirzaie
One of the many ways to recognize God is to know the system of creation. Most of the people seek to know God through his great signs like the heavens and the earth, mountains and rivers. But few people have tried to know God thorough a curious scrutiny into the life of an insect. However, Ant, seems a tiny and trivial creature, but in reality it is one of the wonders of creation. Allah, the exalted, has revealed a chapter under the theme of ant in the Quran showing serious attention to this creature. Allah in this chapter, verse 18th has referred to the ants’ social life and relationship implying that they enjoy perception and understating. Imam Ali (a.s), too, has referred to the marvelous aspects of ants including their morphologic structures, social life, basic management, forward-looking attitude, different stages of their biological life and that how they recognize their specific locations and positions. Today, thanks to the developed science of entomology and to the experts’ recent researches and experiments on the life of ant, the Quran’s and Imam Ali’s views about ant got acknowledged and substantiated.

Keywords: the Quran, Nahjulbalagha, Entomology, Ant, Scientific Exegesis.