The wonders of camel creation in the light of the Quran and science PDF Print E-mail

Ibrahim Rezai Adaryani
Dr. Muhammad Javad Eskandarloo
Camel is the only animal the Quran has alarmingly invited the human to contemplate upon its creation and figure out its wonderful characteristics. The paper begins with a brief report on the amazing features of camel and then studies the Quranic verses that have a say about camel. Moreover, the author, considering the latest scientific discoveries, explores every organ of the camel with scrutiny so as to pave the way for realizing the majesty of God, (the creator) and the scientific miracle of the Quran. For The Quran has already stated that “Do they not observe the camel, [to see] how she has been created?” (Chapter al-Ghashiyah/17). The paper has particularly pointed at the exclusive and defining features of camel including her endurance of thirst, equability, being able to stand up with heavy loads, and etc. proving it to a real masterpiece of the creation.

Keywords: the Quran, Scientific Exegesis, Camel, Wonders of Creation, Chapter al-Ghashiyah, the Camel Creation.