The relation between scientific achievements and the Quranic Teachings in the light of Allamah Tabatabai’s view پی ڈی ایف چھاپیے ای میل
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Ali Reza Rostami Harani*

Muhammad Reza Mahdavi Yagana**



Many a Quranic verses revolve around experimental sciences and subjects. In interpretation of such verses, the exegetes have chosen different approaches. Some have taken human scientific achievements for granted and have tried to apply them to the Quranic scientific verses but some others maintain that such verses have nothing to do with the human scientific discoveries because the language of the Quran is quite different from that of science. Allamah Tabatabai in his famous commentary “Almizan”, has criticized both approaches and has chosen a third, moderate way. In some cases, he has considered the new scientific findings as decisive, and has regarded the referents of some scientific verses of the Quran as its miracle and scientific prediction. In other cases, he has deemed the referents of the Quranic verses to differ from such human scientific theories and discoveries. The authors of the present study try to specify the method and extent Allamah Tabatabai utilizes scientific discoveries in interpreting scientific verses. Moreover, they would examine the theoretical foundations, arguments and solutions he has used in approving, disapproving, or adapting such scientific breakthroughs with the Quranic scientific verses.


Keywords: the Quran, Experimental Sciences, Scientific Interpretation, Scientific Miracle, Allamah Tabatabai.


*. Assistant Professor of Hadrat Masomah University.

**. Ph.D Candidate of Quranic Sciences and Hadith, Qom University (the corresponding author).