Comprehensiveness of the Qur’anic legislation regarding the family domain PDF Print E-mail

Marzia Muhassis[1]


The Legislative Miracle of the Quran, being one of the many miraculous aspects of the Quran, means that the Quran contains the most stunning contents and well-established facts that bring about human’s prosperity. In the contemporary era, the propositions which prove the inimitability of the Quran on legislation and emphasize on the Quran’s meta-spatial and temporal teachings, have attracted the attention of Quran researchers. The current paper, having a brief look at the concept and background of such a perspective, has particularly elaborated on the Quranic legislations in respect with the family, being the most important position that causes one’s material and spiritual well-being. The writer has tried to analyze the miraculous aspects of the Quran on family into two sections. The first, touches the crystal clear foundations of the Quranic legislations, including giving great importance to the dignity of human, denial of gender differences, proportionality of the rights and duties and the centrality of the moral values in homes. The second section deals with the comprehensiveness of Quranic legislations on family.  Thus, he takes recourse to the those verses that put forth the reasons of establishing family life, giving a picture from the couple’s mutual relationship, the children’s relation with their parents, various functions of the family and the regulations that resolve the familial disputes. Legislation of such high-level laws, considering the prevailing dark situation over there, implies the miraculous nature of the Quran and its teachings.


Keywords: the Quran, Legislative Miracle, Family, Laws.

[1]. Ph.D holder in Qur’an Sciences and Hadith.