The political foundations of the Holy Quran in the books of exegesis PDF Print E-mail

Dr.Ghulam Reza Behroozilak

Associate Professor of Bagher-alolom University

Mustafa Dehqani Firoz Abadi

PhD Candidate of Comparative exegesis, University of the Quran and Hadith


Politics is one of the most important pillars of the society. Had politics been established on firm and accurate foundations, it would have brought about logical and righteous relations in socio-political equations. According to the writer, the description of the Qurʾānic political principles and foundations and being in search of them in different exegeses implies the fact that we have to take full advantage of the Holy Quran in all the scenes particularly in politics. Thus, the paper puts forth the following items as part of the political foundations of Islam: one’s political behavior in domestic and foreign relations, his approach in financial and economic policies, the condition of justice in leadership and rulership, the inseparability of the religion from politics, the necessity of consultation in administrative and political issues, the inevitability of seeking truth and justice in war policies, the final authoritative say that the leader of Muslim community should have in governmental affairs, paying special attention to warriors who had political activities, abiding by the principle of dignity as a key element in foreign policy and socio-economic relations and the necessity of awareness in political-security management. The most important achievement or the overall conclusion this paper draws is that the political foundations of Islam is based on justice which causes expansion of social justice in both the levels of domestic and foreign relations.

Keywords: the Glorious Quran, Foundations, Justice, Politics.