Psychology of a healthy personality from the perspective of the Qur'an PDF Print E-mail

Dr. Behrooz Yadullah Poor

Assistant Professor at Babol University of Medical Sciences

Mahnaz Fazeli Kibriya

M. A. in Clinical Psychology


Psychology of a healthy personality is an important topic in the contemporary thoughts. Today most of the philosophers, sociologists and psychologists have a functional approach toward the religion. Instead of conducting a rational discussion on religion [factual approach] or besides having a rational approach, they discuss the theoretical and practical implications and outcomes of religion in the field of personal and social needs. The present writing firstly defines “personality” according to psychological accounts then he deals with the Quranic discourse on “healthy personality”. The study in the psychologists’ theories shows that there is no basic consensus on definition of a healthy personality; because as a matter of fact psychology is affected by various philosophical foundations and different psychological schools have grown with different epistemological and anthropological backgrounds. As a result different schools with their epistemological approaches have different definitions of a “healthy personality”. On the other hand, according to some psychologists, the characteristics of a ‘healthy personality’ are deeply affected by cultural, educational, social, economic and psychological variables. But the holy Quran has concentrated on human’s existential aspects and believes that the human enjoys a two-dimensional [spiritual and physical] existence. The current writing while considering the three dimensions of human’s existence 1) tendency, 2) sight and world view, 3) behavior, tries to sketch the psychology of a healthy personality in the light of the Quranic doctrines. He has also paid heed to the fact that a physically healthy 7person enjoys some characteristics that are commonly understood throughout the world, similarly according to the Quran, all the human beings irrespective of their geography and other things enjoy the same characteristics. However, their culture and beliefs might differ. These characteristics are not affected by various variables.

Keywords: the Quran, Human, Healthy Personality, Psychology.