The Compatibility of the Qur’an and natural sciences from the Orientalists’ viewpoint چھاپیے
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Muhammad ‘Ali Rezaee Isfahani*

Ali Akbar Farahi Bakhshayesh**


When discussing the relationship between science and the Qur’an, some Orientalists believe in compatibility between these two. In their discussions of natural sciences, Orientalists such as Mourice Bucile, Muhammad Shamir ‘Ali and Professor Kith More have confirmed the compatibility of the Qur’an and science.

Through examination of the Orientalists’ views on the relationship between science and the Qur’an and in particular, after reviewing issues such as cosmology, astronomy, biology and medical science we reach the conclusion that the Qur’an’s stance in all these aforementioned sciences is the same as the sciences. The Orientalists’ views on issues such as the beginning of creation, the plurality of the heavens and the earth, the expansion of the universe, the movements of the sun, the quality of the light of the sun and moon, death of sun, the reproductive role of clouds, water being the origin of life, the general parity of every existence,  and creation of human beings by a small amount of liquid imply that there is compatibility between the Qur’an and Science.

However, with regard to the issue of gamete, which refers to the female reproductive liquid, the orientalists’ view does not look proper. Their interpretation does not fit the criteria of scientific interpretation and causes the science-based interpretation of the Quran to become extreme.

Key words: The Qur’an, Science, Natural science, Orientalists.


* . Professor at the Al-Mustafa International University (the corresponding author).

** . M.A holder in Quran Sciences and Interpretation.