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Critical Appraisal of the Article of Torah in Leiden Encyclopedia of Qur’an

Author: Camilla P Adnaj

Translation and revision: Zahra Khoda Parast[1]


The article with the title of Torah is printed in Leiden encyclopedia of Qur’an by Camilla P. Adnaj and the secondary themes of the article are as following:

References made to Torah in the holy Qur’an, references to Musa's book in the holy  Qur’an, the abrogation of Musawi law, the holy Qur’an's verification by Bible is not be accepted, distortion of Torah by various factors, the dual behaviors of some Muslims toward Torah, tracing the name of Muhammad (peace be upon him and his households) in Torah, the fabricated states and quotations from Torah, the resemblance of the Torah and the holy Qur’an and their differences in some basic affairs are translated and eventually the writer has tried to prove the supremacy of the Torah over the holy Qur’an. The translator after translation of the article reminds us of the positive points of the paper and quotes the reasons testifying the distortion of Torah and supremacy of the holy Qur’an over the Torah. Then he studies the article from two aspects of structure and content voice. In the structural section he criticizes the second hand and non variety of sources. Moreover, he raises remarks on marginal points which have been brought in the main text. In the content voice he unveils the contradictory sayings of the writer and responds those problems which he has raised against the Muslims.


Keywords: Qur’an, Torah, Muhammad, Distortion, Tales from the Jews

[1]. M.A in Qur’anic studie.

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