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A Review on Article of Jihad


Author: Ela Landa Tasron

Translation: Hussein Pooran

Revision: Dr. Ahmad Murad Khani[1]


The article of Jihad written by Ela Landa Tasron possesses a forward and other two sections whereas the writer considering various concepts of Jihad has divided it into two sets: 1. more general than waging battle, 2. in meaning of battle. In the first section he does illustrate the concept of jihad in the holy Qur’an literally and tries to shed light on various meanings of this word under the shadow of Qur’anic verses. He in some cases sees the meaning of Jihad ambiguous and tries to clarify them with the exegetical explanations. In the second section taking the etymology of jihad in mind the writer studies the theory of battle in the holy Qur’an. He is of the idea that the verses pertaining this point is contradictory and the exegetes employing various exclusive skills such abrogation, particularization, occasions of revelation and resorting the full meaning of the text by holding certain words to be understood have resolved the contradictions of these verses. The writer in the following observes the classified verses and the suitable behavioral commands engaged in jihad.

After finishing the translation of article, the critic starts reviewing and is of the view that thought the article is a value laden one but suffers abundant amount of negative flaws in the second section. The writer in the second section with the claim of Qur’anic contradictions and incompatibility of verses wants to assert that there exists no exclusive standpoint in regard to battle in Islam, while this is untrue. Another point is to be treated noteworthy is this that the sources he has referred to are mostly from the Sunnite books and has not seriously taken the Shiite sources into account. Moreover, the studies and reference to words he has made in respect to jihad does not seem sufficient.  The claim that the word of jihad had never been used in the battles waged before advent of Islam is in dire need of an extensive research and the writer relying only on one book cannot deny that. Since the writer has not observed other words pertaining to battle  more common than the derivatives of  (ja-ha-da) an etc and has not employed the grammar rulings for accurate understanding of the holy Qur’an prompted that he should be involved in problems of either ambiguity or contradiction of verses related to battle.


Keywords: Jihad, Battle, Abrogation, Contradiction, Ambiguity, Occasions of Revelation.

[1]. Faculty Member of Islamic Azad University, Qom Branch

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