The Examination of Uri Rubin’s view toward the scope of the Holy Mohammad's (s) prophetic mission PDF Print E-mail

Dr. Mohammad Hasan Zamani
Mahdi Hemmatian
Dr. Hasan Rezaee Haftador
Part of the entry "Muhammad (s)", entitled "the scope of the prophetic mission" has addressed the scope of the Holy Mohammad's (s) prophetic mission. In addition to quoting some Quranic verses that in the Rubin’s view imply the local scope of the Prophet's mission (i.e. Arab's area only), he has also referred to some verses that imply the universality of Mohammad's (s) mission, and has left this paradoxical specification without any clear assertion. However, in another part of the same entry entitled as "Ibrahim's religion", Rubin has preferred the locality of the Prophet Mohammad’s (s) mission. In this study, the verses that Rubin deems as implying the locality of the Prophet's (s) mission are examined, and consequently, it has been proved these verses by no mean imply locality of the Prophet's (s) mission.

Keywords: the Quran, Orientalists, Uri Rubin, the scope of the prophetic mission