An examination of Goldziher's viewpoints toward the Quranic sciences پی ڈی ایف چھاپیے ای میل
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Dr. Fathiyah Fattahizadeh
Zahra Halimy
Ignaz Goldziher is an Orientalist who has challenged the Muslim, and especially the Shi'a, beliefs in his studies and has tried to accuse Shi'a of believing in the corruption of the present-day manuscript of the Quran. In his discussion of some issues in the Quranic sciences domain, such as collection and compilation of the Quran, occasions of Revelation, etc. he has had a prejudiced stance toward the Shi'a. The reason is that in most of his studies, Goldziher has extracted what he presented as Shi'a viewpoints from the books considered invalid by the Shi'a, or even from the resources that are against Shi'a. In the present study, we have tried to present the viewpoints of Goldziher in the Quranic sciences domain, criticize them based on traditions and other evidences, and prove the groundlessness of his viewpoints.

Keywords: the Orientalists, the Quranic sciences, Shi'a, interpretive trends among Muslims, Goldziher.