Critical Review of Schock’s Study regarding Adam and Eve پی ڈی ایف چھاپیے ای میل
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The present research deals with the article presented in the Qur’anic encyclopedia entitled Adam and Eve. In this article, Cornelia Schock has dealt with the issue of the declaration of Adam’s creation, teaching all names to him, prostration of angels to Adam, descent of Adam and Eve on earth and the children of Adam.

The repetition of the word Adam in the Qur’an, discussion of angels, discussion in the meaning of Caliphate, creation of Eve, and declining the command of Allah by Satan are among the issues in Cornelia Schock’s article that should be critically examined. In this paper we have critically examined these concerns.

Key words: The Qur’an, The Leiden Encyclopedia of Qur’an, Cornelia Schock, Adam, Eve


* . Associate professor, the Farabi Branch, the University of Tehran (the corresponding author).

** . M.A holder in the Quran Sciences and Hadith.

*** . M.A holder in the Quran Sciences and Hadith.