Converted Orientalists پی ڈی ایف چھاپیے ای میل
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Muhammad HasanZamani*

Abdullah Ghulami**

Sayed Nasim Abbas Kazimi***


Orientalists have dealt with Islam and Qur’an, life of the Prophet and infallible Imams, Hadith and other subjects through a different and negative way that has always been motivated with colonialism, political interests, and annunciatory purposes and such procedures are still applied when studying Islam. However, there have been many scholars among Orientalists who have studied Islam and the Quran, and have converted to Islam due to their own studies. Apart from this, they have written works to introduce Islam and its teachings. In this paper, we have briefly introduced sixteen Orientalists who have converted to Islam (the Muslim Orientalists) and their conversion to Islam has been effective in introducing Islam and Muslims. Similarly, some of their books that they have written in different sciences of Islam and their process of conversion to Islam have been also introduced.

Key words: Islam, the Qur’an, Converted Muslim (Guided People), Orientalists.



* . Associate professor, the Al-Mustafa International University (the corresponding author).

** . Associate professor, Razi Kermanshah University

*** . M.A holder in Quran Sciences and Interpretation, the Al-Mustafa International University.