A review of orientalists’ approaches on Meccan and Medinan chapters and verses PDF Print E-mail

Dr. Reza Haqpanah

Faculty Member of Razavi University of Islamic Sciences

Mustafa Ahmadifar

PhD candidate of Quranic Sciences and Hadith, Razavi University of
Islamic Sciences


One of the most important discussions related to the history of the Quran is the Meccan and Medinan verses and chapters. The Muslim intellectuals and the Orientalists have posed several accounts in this regard. The writer in this article reviews and criticizes the theories of the following orientalists such Lammens (d. 1937), Regis Blachere (1973) and Theodor Noldekes (1930). He tries to analyze and review different classifications made by the orientalists. Lammens divided the whole Quran into the Meccan chapters prior and after interval and the Medinan chapters and verses. Theodor Noldekes has his own arrangement such as revelation prior and after interval and the final revelations prior migration.

Keywords: The Quran, the Meccan and Medinan Chapters and Verses, Classification of Chapters, Interval, Orientalists.